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Virtual accounts

The simple and cost-saving solution for the allocation of your customer payments - by Deutsche Handelsbank.

Our offer

Allocating customer payments is very simple with virtual accounts: you receive 1 million virtual IBANs that you can freely assign to your customers as required.

For example, your customer may transfer their outstanding invoice amount to the IBAN you have provided.

Behind the virtual IBANs is your escrow account with the Deutsche Handelsbank, over which beside the receipt also the dispatch of payments is possible.

Access for e.g. account statements on the escrow account are processed, as usual, via EBICS and online banking.

Virtual accounts make it easy for you to identify payments from your customers.


Increasing the hit rates when assigning your incoming payments

Efficient process design through easy allocation of amounts - regardless of the purpose.

Reduction of administrative costs and human resources

Automated assignment avoids manual individual bookings, for example due to incorrect payments.

Scalable and volume independent

You receive up to 1 million virtual IBANs from us, which you can freely assign to your customers according to their needs.

For which companies are virtual accounts suitable?

Virtual accounts are particularly suitable for:

  • Companies with high payment volumes from different clients or end customers, such as online retailers
  • EU-regulated payment institutions
  • Companies with ZAG constructs, such as Payment Service Provider (PSP)

How to apply for virtual accounts at Deutsche Handelsbank

Open a business account

Open an account with Deutsche Handelsbank to use virtual accounts. Here you will get to the account opening.

EBICS access

To use virtual accounts you need EBICS. Apply for your access data for the EBICS procedure here.

Send all relevant documents

After signing the trust agreement for the business account at Deutsche Handelsbank, you will be able to fully use the virtual accounts after approximately 4 weeks.


The information will be provided electronically. Using the previously defined fields in the purpose, the payment information is processed in such a way that it can be processed automatically in EBICS.

If the debtor has made a payment with a wrong virtual account number, then this payment will be marked for you and credited to your business account.

Open your business account today to use virtual accounts!

Benefit from attractive offers and open your business account at Deutsche Handelsbank right here.


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