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SEPA payment transactions

Drive your business activities in the second largest economic area in the world!

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SEPA is the standardization of the European Payments Area (Single Euro Payments Area). This makes payments in euros easier, safer and faster. SEPA is thus the standard for payments in the euro area.

Central elements of SEPA payment transactions are the SEPA credit transfer (SCT) and the SEPA direct debit (SDD).

Deutsche Handelsbank is your trusted partner for the efficient processing of payments within the EU across national borders and is your competent partner in processing your payment transactions.

We help you to achieve savings and to improvements in process efficiency, profitability and competitiveness through individual solutions.

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Savings potential through efficient handling

The processing of your payment transactions and the liquidity management in your company are facilitated by only one bank account.

Fast and secure processing of your payment transactions

The transfer terms are shortened - the settlement takes only one bank business day.

SEPA know-how in the Deutsche Handelsbank

We offer you competent support for all questions concerning SEPA payment transactions.


No. SEPA payments can only be made in euros. Payments in other European currencies must still be made by international transfer.

Without a direct debit mandate, you cannot collect SEPA direct debits. For collection of SEPA direct debits following data are required:

  • creditor identifier (Germany apply here:
  • Valid direct debit mandate (digitized or paper-based) or a valid direct debit authorization
  • Identification of the creditor's and debtor's accounts by means of IBAN and BIC

Pre-notification provided by the creditor to the debtor stating the due date, the mandate reference, and the creditor identifier. The standard deadline is at least 14 days before the direct debit collection; the deadline can however be reduced to one day by including a corresponding passage in the General Terms and Conditions. Also you may use the Cor1 direct debit.

The creditor identifier is required to collect SEPA direct debits. Germans apply for a creditor ID at the Deutsche Bundesbank. Your individual ID number will be sent to you within a few days. If you intend to collect a SEPA direct debit, you have to indicate your creditor identifier on the mandate. Please bear in mind that you have to apply for a new creditor identifier in case the master data of your enterprise change (e.g. change of name or address).

The SCL-Directory is used for the automated processing of SEPA payments via the Deutsche Bundesbank’s RPS SEPA-Clearer. It contains all Business Identifier Codes (BICs) that can be reached via the SEPA-Clearer. By using the SCL-Directory it is possible to consider if the BIC of a payment service provider is reachable. This is important when moving in the SEPA-company debit procedure, as there is no statutory accessibility obligation and not every bank offers this type of order. The Deutsche Bundesbank provides a general overview of reachable payment service provider on the specified date here.