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EBICS: the secure remote data transmission between customer and bank

Use your own banking software with the data communication standard EBICS

Our offer

EBICS as an attractive electronic banking standard for customers in the German and European banking industry meets the current requirements for modern, fast and flexible communication with a high level of security.

As a customer of Deutsche Handelsbank, you automatically benefit from Deutsche Handelsbank Electronic Banking. The use of your preferred banking software is also possible with EBICS.

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EBICS with your own banking software

We would be happy to set up an EBICS account for you to continue using your existing ebanking software.

For this we need the signed agreement on the use of the electronic banking offer (EBICS). Then we send you access data that you enter in your software. After successful initialization, you can access your Deutsche Handelsbank account with the banking software of your choice.

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Change banking software now and save 30 euros

Exclusively for customers of Deutsche Handelsbank, we offer a discount of 30 euros for the BankingZV software from Subsembly GmbH.



StarMoney, Banking4, Banking ZV or Win-Data are known and marketable banking software. Due to the large number of available software products with EBICS support, it is not possible to display a complete list of all programs.

Deutsche Handelsbank is available to answer any questions you may have about Deutsche Handelsbank Electronic Banking. Please understand that we do not offer support for third-party software. If you have any questions about program setup and use, always contact the respective program manufacturer.

Which is the right eBanking solution for your company?

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