International payment transactions

We are your partner for international business.

Our offer for you

Our offer for you // Deutsche Handelsbank


The good thing about online trading is that there are hardly any borders. The reach can often be expanded with little effort by addressing potential customers abroad.

The same applies to supplier relationships. Purchasing goods and services abroad is the daily business across all industries. However, merchants are often afraid of contracts in foreign currencies and demand invoices in euro from their suppliers.

Allow your European customers to make a domestic payment in their currency – and we will take care of the international payment processing.

Benefit from our attractive exchange rates

Define rates on demand to know which liquid funds you need to provide and to ensure planning security. Take advantage of the associated savings and pay your suppliers directly in their local currency.

We process international wire transfers for you in all major foreign currencies.



What else do you need to know?

As a holder of an account with Deutsche Handelsbank, you can benefit from all advantages we offer you in international business. Just enter your order in your online banking. You will receive an order confirmation on your transaction and a confirmation on the transfer to the recipient account.