Direct debit

Offer direct debit and increase your liquidity.

Our offer for you

handelsbank - Our offer for you


Properly used the debit note is a liquidity turbo for your company and you benefit from increased customer loyalty. Those who would like to offer debit notes as a customer loyalty action, first needs a debit note collection agreement, in addition to the account. Admittedly this term is a bit of a mouthful, however, it provides the opportunity to collect debit notes from your customers and therefore to offer a very popular payment type.

Simply integrate and get going

With our "smart direct debit" full service offer we provide you with the technical process of a debit note, the generation of SEPA mandates and an effective risk management.

We are happy to give you an individual offer that will convince you.



Your benefits

No liquidity shortages with the integration of the popular classical direct debit scheme

Unbureaucratic and automated processing of existing customers