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Growth financing

We accompany our customers primarily in the expansion and internationalization phase.

Our offer for you

We know the needs of fast-growing companies and have specialised financing products to develop individual solutions that fit the growth stage and the existing financing structure.

In particular, we consider SaaS (Software as a Service), e-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), InsurTech, FinTech, AdTech and all other innovative businesses with growth potential as our core markets.

Our product offering ranges from flexible overdraft facilities to cover short-term refinancing needs, to fixed-term loans and repayment agreements to finance growth, corporate acquisitions or buy-outs - all that, for example, as an investment outside of the business plan

We do not impose a standard on our clients.  The development of a bespoke solution start with input of all involved parties.

Our offer for you

Your benefits

Avoid dilution
Keep control

We are not an equity investor, we have no equity kicker and do not expect a seat on the advisory board of your company. Full control remains with you.

Free up liquidity, secure financial leeway

Based on the economic conditions of your company, a lending volume of at least € 500,000 (depending on the business model, growth phase and the previous financing) should be feasible.

Flexible utilization and repayment

We understand that monthly cash flows can vary. The available financing framework is set up to reflect this.

Individual solutions for individual companies

We develop individual financing solutions with our customers and require the support of our customers, especially in the development of workable covenants for both parties.

From first contact to closing

First contact

In the context of the initial discussion, the financing need and possible show stoppers are determined.


The relevant company documents should be made available in their completeness in order to allow a quick check.


Following a successful pre-check of the documents, a feedback session will be held on the key points of possible financing and open questions. You will receive our indicative offer in the form of a term sheet.


Upon completion of the credit check, the required credit decision is made and the deal is closed.

These selected brands trust us as a strong partner



We want to support technology-based companies in their growth phases and, as a strategic financing instrument, become an important financing component of the company.

There are many reasons for debt, keyword bankability: show that your company meets the regulatory requirements of debt financing, reduce dependencies and at the same time have the opportunity to avoid dilution of the company's shares.

Companies based in Germany can request a loan.

We value the fact that at least a Series A financing round has been successfully completed, the proof of concept is comprehensible and sustainable revenues are generated.

Many things, but our clients typically apply for growth financing for: company acquisitions, pre-financing of current assets (eg trade receivables, inventories, revenue pipeline), buyouts, CAPEX.

We attach great importance to a comprehensible, sustainable business model, the composition and previous experience of the team and the investors involved. In addition, we incorporate all KPIs relevant for successful future growth into our decision. In addition, for us as a bank, the analysis of the financials is important, because here we have to meet the regulatory requirements.

For example, a showstopper for us would be an equity gap in the balance sheet that cannot be bridged by equity-like funds (eg shareholder loans with qualified subordination).

We have been supporting digital startups and growth companies for years and are the market leader in Germany with over 100 of the most successful companies and with a financing volume of more than € 100 million. Of course, we support with banking expertise, but we also like to help with our extensive network of companies, investors and experts whenever we can help. We are not a venture debt financier. Our contracts and terms are transparent and it is very important for us to be on par with our customers at every stage. Funded by "Deutsche Handelsbank" is considered by many of our partners as a seal of quality.

Deutsche Handelsbank is a bank approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht). Your data is subject to the highest privacy standards and banking secrecy. Upon request, data and documents are exchanged via a secured data transfer platform.

During a brief initial discussion, we would like to get an insight into the business model and financing needs. At the same time, we will finalize the documents required for the audit and the financing set-up. After we have received the documents, we will give you a first feedback on the feasibility of the requested credit volume within a few days. If the answer is positive, we will send you our first indicative offer in the form of a term sheet. After a final positive credit analysis (due diligence), we will send the contract documents.

The following documents should at least be available for an initial examination:


  • Current pitchdeck
  • Liquidity, profitability and KPI planning for the next three financial years (in Excel format)
  • At least the last annual financial statement
  • Business evaluations YTD, together with trial balance sheet (SuSa)
  • Last available internal reporting (including KPI reporting)
  • CapTable / latest company valuation

Let's start!

Contact us today! Your Investment Manager determines the individual needs of your company in a personal appointment and an offer to your requirements.


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