Monetise the receivables from your customers - by means of factoring.

Our offer for you


Make use of the different variations and benefits of the factoring of Deutsche Handelsbank and swap your receivables for liquidity.

As a business enabler we are working towards the same cause as you are: with a refinancing solution individually aligned to your business model you optimise and increase your customer lifetime value sustainably.

The factoring of Deutsche Handelsbank offers you a number of strategic advantages in the case of long customer payment terms of your customers, for you can simply transfer your receivables and have the outstanding amount paid directly to your account at Deutsche Handelsbank.

When sales financing via purchase on account and instalments, do you want to maintain process checking and full control over customer contact? With the help of our experienced financing partner we can process this for you in-house and therefore increase your customer range and loyalty.

The liquidity made available to you is directly orientated by the amount of purchased receivables and takes into account the return rate – seasonal fluctuations are included here. We offer our tailored factoring solutions for medium and large e-commerce companies (B2B/B2C) with a receivables volume from EUR 5 m. With growing business, a dynamic scaling of the financing is possible without additional expense.

How to apply for your factoring

Contact us with the following form. Your company customer advisor determines the individual needs of your company in a personal appointment and an offer tailored to your requirements.



Your benefits

Immediate, flexible and scalable provision of liquidity

Dynamic growth thanks to equity-preserving liquidity

New turnover potential thanks to higher customer range and improved conversions

Less process expense and maintenance of established customer touchpoints