Growth financing

Growth financing.

Liquidity without dilution of your shares. The next level for your company.

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Which type of growth financing is right for you is, of course, dependent upon the precise nature of your business. Deutsche Handelsbank supports digital startups and growth companies in an early stage of the company's life.

We see the area of fast-growing companies in particular as our core segments. As we know the underlying business models, their opportunities, risks and the specifics of the market, we are able to work in coordination with solutions tailored to your company and stand by your side as a partner by helping your company achieve further growth.

Use your equity for your strategic investments in future, not for financing the next growth steps. With our growth financing you can create financial room for manoeuvre for yourself.


Growth financing is aimed at companies with a financing requirement of more than EUR 500,000.


The requirements for growth financing outlined below are to be viewed on as an indication and are subject to a final check.

  • Your company already distinguishes itself through a working business model with a sustainable annual turnover ("proof of concept").
  • The unit economics are profitable.
  • A professional investor is already involved in your company and you have been able to successfully complete a Series A round. 
  • Your burn rate is at an appropriate balance of annual turnover and liquidity.

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