How to make a buyer protection claim

If the goods you order are not delivered you have 14 days within which to make a buyer protection claim on your "Sofort" payment. Your confirmation e-mail includes a link you can use to make a buyer protection claim. If you do not have the e-mail then please click on 'File buyer protection claim' and we will e-mail the link to you again.

To enable us to do so make sure you provide a valid e-mail address when making your payment. The e-mail address you give will only be used to process your buyer protection.
As soon as you claim buyer protection Deutsche Handelsbank will ask the retailer to confirm delivery of the goods. If the retailer fails to do so within five days you get your money back.

Important note for buyers: Delivery delays may occur from time to time with any retailer. If a retailer notifies you of an impending delay after you have ordered and paid, if in doubt please ensure that you make your buyer protection claim within the required period. If a retailer warns you of a delay this does not prolong the buyer protection period. Once you have made a buyer protection claim the two parties have the opportunity to reach a settlement, but you do not thereby lose your buyer protection.

For details of the buyer protection scheme please consult Deutsche Handelsbank's buyer protection terms and conditions.