Is the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking site secure? What should I look out for?

The security of your data in our online banking system is of the utmost importance to Deutsche Handelsbank. For this reason we have established advanced technical security standards: our firewall prevents unauthorised access to the data of Deutsche Handelsbank. Furthermore, a multi-level identification and encryption system ensures that unauthorised third parties cannot access, make readible or ask for your important data.

You should nevertheless take note of the following when using online banking:

  • Never log on to the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system using a computer that is not known to you (e.g. in an internet cafe).
  • Always use the „Finish“ button after an online banking session with Deutsche Handelsbank in order to log off. This is the only way to guarantee that your session is discontinued immediately.
  • If you suspect that your PC/Mac has been attacked by a virus or a Trojan horse, then under no circumstances should you carry out an online transaction.
  • Always install the current security updates recommended by your PC/Mac provider.
  • Install a common anti-virus program and update it regularly, ideally on a daily basis.

The Federal Office for Information Security (Federal Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik or BSI) offers free virus scanners and firewalls on its website at www.bsi-fuer-buerger.de.

What should I look out for when dealing with PIN/TAN?

The Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system is made particularly secure through the use of your personal access data, namely through the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is known only to you and the TAN (TransAction Number). In order to gain access to the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system, you will need your access number and PIN. The PIN cannot be worked out through simple trial and error. Access to your Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system will be blocked after just three wrong attempts. In this event you should contact Deutsche Handelsbank. You will receive, in addition, by post from Deutsche Handelsbank, a list with indexed transaction numbers (iTANs). In order to carry out an online transaction with Deutsche Handelsbank, it is necessary to input a transaction number (TAN). Each TAN is only valid for a single use and will be requested through a random mechanism. Furthermore, with the mTAN process Deutsche Handelsbank offers an alternative, additional legitimation procedure for online banking.

You should take note of the following in using online banking:

  • Change your PIN often and try to use the complete range of upper and lower case letters as well as the figures zero to nine. You should not use any PIN that has a personal significance for you, e.g. your date of birth, postcodes, telephone numbers or similar.
  • Do not save your PIN or TAN on your computer under any circumstances.
  • If you discover that an unauthorised third party has access to your PIN or TAN, you must inform us immediately so that we can block your PIN or TAN.

Deutsche Handelsbank will never ask you for personal information such as your account number, PIN or TAN by email or on the telephone or via SMS, or request that you send or provide such information or prompt you to enter login details. On our online banking login page, we will never ask you to provide one or several TANs. If you should ever receive such a request, it is an attempt at fraud by a third party.