What financial management systems can I use?

The HBCI server of Deutsche Handelsbank should be compatible with most HBCI customer products.
Due to the large number of available software products with HBCI support, we are however not able to completely list all supported programmes here. For the same reason, we can neither guarantee nor promise that every HBCI customer product is able to communicate with our server. But we will do our best to achieve maximum coverage. If you miss support for a specific HBCI programme, please get in touch with customer service and include the programme developer and/or a link to a potential demo version. Important note: Deutsche Handelsbank is usually not able to provide effective support for the relevant HBCI customer products. We ask you to always contact the respective programme manufacturer first for questions on programme setup and use. We kindly ask you for your understanding that we are currently not able to provide support for the following programmes:
- VR-NetWorld (local Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank)
- proficash (local Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank)

What are the settings I have to make in my financial management software?

Important note: The HBCI access must be "activated" in your browser before the first use. For this purpose, go to the site https://banking.handelsbank.com/freischalten. Enter the sent HBCI access data in the corresponding fields including the initial PIN and subsequently choose your own 5-digit HBCI PIN code. Only then, you will be able to use the access in a financial management software!
You should make the following HBCI settings in your financial management software:
HBCI server URL:
(https://)hbci.handelsbank.com [depending on the programme, the protocol specification "https://" may be required!]
HBCI/FinTS version: 3.0
User identification:
according to the letter including the access data, referred to as "user identification" (numbering without making any reference to an account)
Customer identification: according to the letter including the access data, referred to as "HBCI customer ID" (numbering without making any reference to an account)
Note: user and customer identification are both mandatory to indicate! If your programme does not offer the corresponding input fields, please contact the programme manufacturer.
Only if additionally required in the programme:
Filter for transmission:
TCP port: