Who can open an account with Deutsche Handelsbank?

Deutsche Handelsbank offers its account exclusively to business customers and corporate clients. Accounts for minors may be opened in exceptional circumstances for their independent management of acquisitions. The bank would need to be satisfied, prior to account opening, that the legal requirements under section 112 of the German Civil Code for unlimited legal capacity of minors for such transactions as would be required for such business have been fulfilled.

Does the Deutsche Handelsbank account have a particular contractual period?

The Account has no minimum contract period.

What proof of legitmacy do I need to open an account at Deutsche Handelsbank?

To open a business account at SOFORT Bank, you must provide SOFORT Bank with proof of legitimacy. Please use the PostIdent process, which is free of charge (a PostIdent coupon is enclosed with the account application form). Please note that the PostIdent coupon is valid for 30 days only and is only available in Germany.

How can i prove my identity abroad?

If you cannot use the free PostIdent procedure, for example because you live abroad, then Deutsche Handelsbank will require a certified copy of the passport of all beneficial owners, account holders, legal representatives, and all those persons who will be authorised to access online banking. The certification may be provided by a public authority, a bank manager, a lawyer or a notary. Please note, that if there is no address recorded in your passport, then in addition the submission of a current official document that includes your address such as a recent utility bill will be required.

What is the BIC of Deutsche Handelsbank?

BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code is the standard bank code used to identify any credit institution. For European transfers the BIC is always required. The BIC of Deutsche Handelsbank is: DEKTDE7GXXX. You can also find the BIC on the homepage of the online banking portal.

Where can I find the IBAN of my Deutsche Handelsbank account?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and is the standard international payments within Europe. For European transfers the IBAN is always required. You can find your IBAN in the account overview of the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking portal.

How can I make use of direct debit?

To use direct debit, a separate direct-debit collection agreement with Deutsche Handelsbank is necessary. Please contact our Customer care for further information.

How can I cancel a direct debit?

To cancel a direct debit, please contact our Customer care.