Who can open an account with Deutsche Handelsbank?

Deutsche Handelsbank offers its account exclusively to business customers and corporate clients. Accounts for minors may be opened in exceptional circumstances for their independent management of acquisitions. The bank would need to be satisfied, prior to account opening, that the legal requirements under section 112 of the German Civil Code for unlimited legal capacity of minors for such transactions as would be required for such business have been fulfilled.

Does the Deutsche Handelsbank account have a particular contractual period?

The Account has no minimum contract period.

What proof of legitmacy do I need to open an account at Deutsche Handelsbank?

To open a business account at Deutsche Handelsbank, you must provide Deutsche Handelsbank with proof of legitimacy. Please use the PostIdent process, which is free of charge (a PostIdent coupon is enclosed with the account application form). Please note that the PostIdent coupon is valid for 30 days only and is only available in Germany.

How can i prove my identity abroad?

If you cannot use the free PostIdent procedure, for example because you live abroad, then Deutsche Handelsbank will require a certified copy of the passport of all beneficial owners, account holders, legal representatives, and all those persons who will be authorised to access online banking. The certification may be provided by a public authority, a bank manager, a lawyer or a notary. Please note, that if there is no address recorded in your passport, then in addition the submission of a current official document that includes your address such as a recent utility bill will be required.

What is the BIC of Deutsche Handelsbank?

BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code is the standard bank code used to identify any credit institution. For European transfers the BIC is always required. The BIC of Deutsche Handelsbank is: DEKTDE7GXXX. You can also find the BIC on the homepage of the online banking portal.

Where can I find the IBAN of my Deutsche Handelsbank account?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and is the standard international payments within Europe. For European transfers the IBAN is always required. You can find your IBAN in the account overview of the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking portal.

How can I make use of direct debit?

To use direct debit, a separate direct-debit collection agreement with Deutsche Handelsbank is necessary. Please contact our Customer care for further information.

How can I cancel a direct debit?

To cancel a direct debit, please contact our Customer care.

Can I make SEPA payments in currencies other than euros?

No. SEPA payments can only be made in euros. Payments in other European currencies must still be made by international transfer.

Which data are required for collecting SEPA direct debits?

Without a direct debit mandate, you cannot collect SEPA direct debits. For collection of SEPA direct debits following data are required:
- creditor identifier (Germany apply here: www.glaeubiger-id.bundesbank.de)
- valid direct debit mandate (digitized or paper-based) or a valid direct debit authorization
- Identification of the creditor's and debtor's accounts by means of IBAN and BIC

What is a pre-notification?

Pre-notification provided by the creditor to the debtor stating the due date, the mandate reference, and the creditor identifier. The standard deadline is at least 14 days before the direct debit collection; the deadline can however be reduced to one day by including a corresponding passage in the General Terms and Conditions. And you may use the Cor1 direct debit.

What is the creditor-identifier?

The creditor identifier is required to collect SEPA direct debits. Germans apply for a creditor ID at the Deutsche Bundesbank. Your individual ID number will be sent to you within a few days. If you intend to collect a SEPA direct debit, you have to indicate your creditor identifier on the mandate. Please bear in mind that you have to apply for a new creditor identifier in case the master data of your enterprise change (e.g. change of name or address).

What is IBAN-Only?

Existing account data can be converted to IBAN by account number and sort code. By the convertion the submitter gets all required information and no further research is necessary. Customers can continue to provide payments with BIC even after the introduction of IBAN only. If customers wish to use IBAN only, it is possible to specify payments without BIC in a file. The filling of the BIC is optional for the customer. IBAN only is possible only for payments within Germany until January 2016. As expected in February 2016 IBAN only will be possible throughout the SEPA area. Please note when creating the XML file, the special assignment of XML tags for IBAN only. Current format description of the SEPA XML formats you find here: http://www.ebics.de/index.php?id=77

What is SCL-Directory?

The SCL-Directory is used for the automated processing of SEPA payments via the Deutsche Bundesbank’s RPS SEPA-Clearer. It contains all Business Identifier Codes (BICs) that can be reached via the SEPA-Clearer. By using the SCL-Directory it is possible to consider if the BIC of a payment service provider is reachable. This is important when moving in the SEPA-company debit procedure, as there is no statutory obligation accessibility and not every bank offers this type of order. The Deutsche Bundesbank provides a general overview of reachable payment service provider on the specified date.

What requirements must I fulfill for EBICS?

To use EBICS, you need login details, a valid agreement about data transfer, an EBICS-capable finance software and Internet access.

How do I optain login details for EBICS?

You obtain your login details for EBICS with the application EBICS connection and the agreement about data transfer. Please send these signed documents by post to Deutsche Handelsbank, Customer Care, Elsenheimerstr. 41, 80687 München, Germany.

What financial management systems can I use?

The HBCI server of Deutsche Handelsbank should be compatible with most HBCI customer products.
Due to the large number of available software products with HBCI support, we are however not able to completely list all supported programmes here. For the same reason, we can neither guarantee nor promise that every HBCI customer product is able to communicate with our server. But we will do our best to achieve maximum coverage. If you miss support for a specific HBCI programme, please get in touch with customer service and include the programme developer and/or a link to a potential demo version. (Important note: Deutsche Handelsbank is usually not able to provide effective support for the relevant HBCI customer products. We ask you to always contact the respective programme manufacturer first for questions on programme setup and use.) We kindly ask you for your understanding that we are currently not able to provide support for the following programmes:
- VR-NetWorld (local Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank)
- proficash (local Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank)

What are the settings I have to make in my financial management software?

Important note: The HBCI access must be "activated" in your browser before the first use. For this purpose, go to the site https://banking.handelsbank.com/freischalten. Enter the sent HBCI access data in the corresponding fields including the initial PIN and subsequently choose your own 5-digit HBCI PIN code. Only then, you will be able to use the access in a financial management software. You should make the following HBCI settings in your financial management software:
BCI server URL: (https://)hbci.handelsbank.com [depending on the programme, the protocol specification "https://" may be required!]
HBCI/FinTS version:
User identification:
according to the letter including the access data, referred to as "user identification" (numbering without making any reference to an account)
Customer identification:
according to the letter including the access data, referred to as "HBCI customer ID" (numbering without making any reference to an account)
user and customer identification are both mandatory to indicate! If your programme does not offer the corresponding input fields, please contact the programme manufacturer.
Only if additionally required in the programme:
Filter for transmission:
TCP port:

How exactly does SOFORT XXL work?

A foreign customer makes a purchase in a non-Euro currency, say Swiss Francs, from an internationally active merchant who wishes to be paid in Euros. In the country of the end customer, the purchase amount is first transferred to a clearing account in local currency. The SOFORT XXL clearing system then carries out the currency conversion. The transaction amount is paid to your account in Euros.

What currencies are covered by XXL?

Euros, Swiss Francs, Polish Zloty and Pounds Sterling.

Do I have to pay interest on the whole amount?

You pay interest only on the amount that actually and only for that period of time in which you make use of the credit line.

How do I repay the loan?

Repayments don't follow a fixed schedule, but according to the level of liquidity in your account at Deutsche Handelsbank.

On what conditions does Deutsche Handelsank provide loans?

Separate conditions regarding term and interest rates are attached to each operating loan given by Deutsche Handelsbank, and these will depend on the size of the desired loan and your credit rating.  Following the receipt of your application, your documents will be checked and, provided the evaluation is favourable, you will receive the corresponding offer.

Is the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking site secure? What should I look out for?

The security of your data in our online banking system is of the utmost importance to Deutsche Handelsbank. For this reason we have established advanced technical security standards: our firewall prevents unauthorised access to the data of Deutsche Handelsbank. Furthermore, a multi-level identification and encryption system ensures that unauthorised third parties cannot access, make readible or ask for your important data.
You should nevertheless take note of the following when using online banking:
- Never log on to the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system using a computer that is not known to you (e.g. in an internet cafe).
- Always use the „Finish“ button after an online banking session with Deutsche Handelsbank in order to log off. This is the only way to guarantee that your session is discontinued immediately.
- If you suspect that your PC/Mac has been attacked by a virus or a Trojan horse, then under no circumstances should you carry out an online transaction.
- Always install the current security updates recommended by your PC/Mac provider.
- Install a common anti-virus program and update it regularly, ideally on a daily basis.
The Federal Office for Information Security (Federal Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik or BSI) offers free virus scanners and firewalls on its website at www.bsi-fuer-buerger.de.

Are my deposits with Deutsche Handelsbank secure too?

Deutsche Handelsbank is a brand of Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG, which, as a German bank licensed by the Federal Institute for the Supervision of Financial Services (BaFin) is subject to the German back-up procedure as well as the Federal Republic of Germany’s guarantee on deposits. The legally prescribed basic protection is guaranteed by the German Banks Compensation Scheme (EdB) and is valid for balances of up to € 100,000 Euro in accounts with Deutsche Handelsbank. More detailed information can be found in the terms and conditions under „General Information“ as well as in the General Terms and Conditions. Further information regarding Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG can be found at www.deutsche-kontor.com. Further information about the statutory back-up procedure can be found directly at the website of the German Banks Compensation Scheme, Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH.

What should I look out for when dealing with PIN/TAN?

The Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system is made particularly secure through the use of your personal access data, namely through the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is known only to you and the TAN (TransAction Number). In order to gain access to the Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system, you will need your access number and PIN. The PIN cannot be worked out through simple trial and error. Access to your Deutsche Handelsbank online banking system will be blocked after just three wrong attempts. In this event you should contact Deutsche Handelsbank. You will receive, in addition, by post from Deutsche Handelsbank, a list with indexed transaction numbers (iTANs). In order to carry out an online transaction with Deutsche Handelsbank, it is necessary to input a transaction number (TAN). Each TAN is only valid for a single use and will be requested through a random mechanism. Furthermore, with the mTAN process Deutsche Handelsbank offers an alternative, additional legitimation procedure for online banking.
You should take note of the following in using online banking:
- Change your PIN often and try to use the complete range of upper and lower case letters as well as the figures zero to nine. You should not use any PIN that has a personal significance for you, e.g. your date of birth, postcodes, telephone numbers or similar.
- Do not save your PIN or TAN on your computer under any circumstances.
- If you discover that an unauthorised third party has access to your PIN or TAN, you must inform us immediately so that we can block your PIN or TAN.
Deutsche Handelsbank will never ask you for personal information such as your account number, PIN or TAN by email or on the telephone or via SMS, or request that you send or provide such information or prompt you to enter login details. On our online banking login page, we will never ask you to provide one or several TANs. If you should ever receive such a request, it is an attempt at fraud by a third party.