Release of our new Electronic Banking

Convenient, efficient, relaxed - our new electronic banking is here.

Our offer

We know that your business changes rapidly, as do your banking requirements.

In order to be able to meet these requirements at all times, we are switching to our electronic banking from 1 March 2020.

The biggest change will be the Deutsche Handelsbank Token app. This will give you more independence because you'll be able to approve payments at any time wherever you are, and by several people in different locations thanks to electronic signatures.

Of course, we also meet the security requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), the EU's second payment services directive, with this.

All you need to do is activate electronic banking once with the Token app and sign in. You can then control your electronic banking as usual with manual or automated payments and without having to install additional software.

All of the advantages at a glance

Individual Design

The electronic banking homepage can be adapted to your needs.

Perfect protection

Security updates run automatically.

More flexibility

Approve payment orders at any time and wherever you are - even with several people.

More options

Continuous further development possible by switching to EBICS.

Improve security with stronger authentication

A username and password have been all that is required to sign into banking to date. And you have to enter a TAN from your list to approve a payment. This has changed now: In order to make electronic banking even more secure and to give you complete flexibility, two-factor authentication, which is also fully EBICS-enabled, will apply to both of these in future.

Here, two different elements from the categories of knowledge, inherence and ownership are used.

Knowledge includes everything that only you know, such as your password. Inherence means all biometric data, such as your fingerprint. Ownership relates to things only you have, such as the Deutsche Handelsbank Token app on your smartphone or tablet. In order to protect your Deutsche Handelsbank accounts in the best way possible, there will be a combination of a password and the app from 15 November. This also corresponds to the EU's new PSD2 Directive.

And it allows you to approve payment orders at any time wherever you are. This is even the case with several people, as all authorisation permissions are automatically shown and notified in the Token app.

How to switch to electronic banking

We are switching to our new e-banking from 15/11/2019. Sales data and account statements for the past 12 months will be transferred automatically so they'll continue to be available to you as usual.

Each authorised person will have to activate the system just once. Have your smartphone or tablet to hand for this, as well as the customer ID and user ID that we will send to you personally.


Why is the switch being made?

The EU has initiated a second payment services directive, Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). This requires increased security when signing in and making payment orders. The EBICS standard is also significantly faster when transmitting data and is more flexible than its predecessor model, meaning that future extensions and additional services can be added more easily.

What is EBICS?

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is a data communication standard that corporate customers can use to securely process their payments with a standard product and an electronic signature with each bank.

Why have we chosen the EBICS data communication standard?

EBICS has several advantages: Firstly, it’s already standard in the business and corporate customer areas. Secondly, it makes it possible to make further developments more quickly and in accordance with individual needs.

Why is Deutsche Handelsbank no longer providing HBCI/FinTS in future?

FinTS (Financial Transaction Services, formerly HBCI – Homebanking Computer Interface) is a data standard that is mainly suitable for private and commercial customers.

What will happen if I use HBCI/FinTS with Deutsche Handelsbank?

Most providers of banking and accounting software are committed to modernising data standards and are EBICS-enabled. Please contact your software manufacturer and check whether your programme supports EBICS and whether you use this to retrieve account information or to create payment orders. If you have any questions, please contact

What happens if I’m a DATEV user?

You can use our direct connection to DATEV (service computer centre). If you have any questions, please contact

What happens if I use both EBICS and HBCI/FinTS?

Please check when you use HBCI/FinTS (to retrieve account information and/or to record payment orders) and check (possibly also with your software provider) whether the EBICS software you use also gives you the option of doing this. If you have any questions, please contact

What happens if the new electronic banking isn’t activated?

As we will no longer support the old online banking, we have to give you notice as a matter of good practice. This means that, without making the switch to e-banking, you will no longer have functional access after 01/03/2020 and you will be unable to send us payment orders and retrieve online account balances, sales and account statements.

If several people have access to the account, does each individual then have to activate e-banking?

Yes. All employees who are authorised for payments will receive a letter from us containing a customer ID and an employee ID to activate their access to e-banking. The authorisations for the current online banking are transferred in this process.

Can the electronic banking be used straight after activation?

After you have activated e-banking, an ‘INI letter’ will be generated that you must print out, sign and return to us. This ensures that no-one else tries to gain access to your data. As soon as we have received the letter, an employee will activate e-banking for you. This may take up to 48 hours. Until then, your previous online banking will, of course, still be available to you.

Can I continue to use the old TAN list?

No. TAN lists will no longer be valid with the new electronic banking. With electronic banking, payment orders are approved with the mobile Token app.