The account with Deutsche Handelsbank – The basis for your payment transactions.

Our offer for you

Das Konto der Deutschen Handelsbank – Ihre Basis für den Zahlungsverkehr.


Our account simply offers more as it has been specifically developed to meet the needs of eCommerce providers, including efficient processing of your payment transactions and added-value features for innovative payment methods. Benefit from our special services and features.

Applying for an account with Deutsche Handelsbank

You can apply for an account electronically using the "Account Application" link on this site, then print the application and confirm your identity for example by means of the PostIdent procedure.

Account application

Please submit your company documents with the identification document and send them by mail to Deutsche Handelsbank, Customer Care, Elsenheimerstrasse 41, 80687 Munich, Germany.

Account Fees*

Account management fee

9.90 EUR/month

Accounting entries

0.07 EUR per transaction

Returned direct debit to the payee

2.00 EUR plus external fees

Registration fee for customers registered in Germany

30.00 EUR

Registration fee for customers registered abroad

99.00 EUR

This table is only able to give you a brief overview of our cost structure. Please refer to our Price and Service Index for a complete summary of our prices and conditions. But if you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual quotation.

(*) For companies trading in goods, those in a trade or in industry or providing services or in the travel industry. Does not apply to companies trading in content sectors, payment service providers or those in similar specialist sectors. A system for automatically processing payments received can be obtained via SOFORT GmbH. Deutsche Handelsbank has opted for sales tax; for our German customers, the fees and conditions are understood to be subject to the current legal sales tax rate of 19%.

Your benefits


Services and features which are developed continuously and tailored specifically to the eCommerce business

International transfers in all major currencies - benefit from our expertise in international business and our attractive exchange rates

Extra features


Account administration with common online banking software following the HBCI standard

Internet-based connectivity via EBICS as a secured banking standard (ZKA/Central Credit Committee) for medium-sized enterprises