Use HCBI to make your online banking multibank-compatible.

Our offer for you

Our offer for you


Depending on the range of your banking software features, you can use HBCI to manage and execute your banking activities conveniently and efficiently.

In order to use the online banking of Deutsche Handelsbank with a HBCI banking software, you will need to enable your HBCI access first. You will receive all data required for setup and instructions in the initial correspondence.

Enable HBCI



Your benefits

Multibank-compatible account administration

Varied turnover inquiries and turnover analyses

Execution of individual and collective transfers as well as EU payments

Execution of scheduled transactions, scheduled stock enquiries, and scheduled cancellations for transfers and direct debits


Online banking with EBICS. Fast, secure, flexible.

Our offer for you


Connectivity via EBICS is easy to implement and creates a real added value by offering a well-structured administration of several bank accounts with different banks.

The use of EBICS requires access data, a valid agreement on remote data transmission, EBICS-compatible financial software, and Internet access.

Applying for access data to EBICS

You can apply for your EBICS access data in your application for EBICS connectivity and the agreement on remote data transmission. Simply sign the application for EBICS connectivity and the agreement on remote data transmission and send it by mail to Deutsche Handelsbank, Customer care, Elsenheimerstraße 41, 80667 Munich, Germany.

EBICS form

Your benefits at a glance

High flexibility by internet-based processing of payment transactions

Processing of different payment transactions such as transfers and direct debits at the same time

Location-independent release of payment orders

Consistent multibank-compatible standard for all credit institutions and corporate customers

High security by means of latest encryption and security procedures