• Payment transactions

    Relevant for conversion rates2: Payment systems

    "For us, the user experience is the key to success. That includes the processing of payments. We have finally found the right partner for that."

    Dr. Dr. Florian Drabeck
    CFO (Group)



  • Payment transactions

    Promote growth: Diversity

    "With our bank, we are able to also expand our range of services in times of strong growth."

    Anna Alex & Julia Bösch
    Managing Directors



  • Payment transactions

    Core driver of liquidity: transactions

    "For us, the payment mix is decisive to our liquidity. In the case of debit notes and smart direct debit we trust in the expertise of Deutsche Handelsbank."

    Marco Hierling
    Managing Director



Business Account

For successfully processing your payment transactions, rely on services and features specially for e-commerce:

With the business account of Deutsche Handelsbank, you benefit from cheap account management, convenient online banking and individual customer care.

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Virtual Accounts

Ideal for companies with high payment transaction volume:

Automate your incoming and outgoing payments with virtual accounts. Use virtual accounts to simplify your payment transactions!

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SEPA payments

No matter whether you make a payment within Germany or abroad:

With SEPA bank transfers and direct debits in euros have been standardized across Europe. Become an entrepreneur in the second largest economic area in the world!

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International payments

You can easily pay your European and non-European customers in their local currency - we take care of the international payment processing.

Benefit from our offering in international payments with your Deutsche Handelsbank account.

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We are switching from our previous online banking to electronic banking with the implementation of the second EU Payment Services Directive. Here you will find all the information about the new Eletronic Banking.

With HBCI and EBICS processing, Deutsche Handelsbank offers you the opportunity to process banking transactions even more conveniently and efficiently.

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