• Deutsche Börse Venture Network

    "With the cooperation between the Venture Network and Deutsche Handelsbank we are paving the way for the new generation of SME's: solidly financed, profitable, strongly growing, innovative."

    Eric Leupold
    Head of Pre-IPO / Capital Markets

  • Mister Spex - Partner of Deutsche Handelsbank

    Mister Spex

    "Deutsche Handelsbank offers eCommerce banking."

    Dirk Graber
    Managing Director

  • fashion for home - Partner of Deutsche Handelsbank


    "Finally! Design furniture and design banking."

    Christoph Cordes & Marc Appelhoff
    Managing Directors

  • Outfittery - Partner of Deutsche Handelsbank


    "Strong growth requires a strong partner."

    Julia Bösch & Anna Alex

    Managing Directors

  • Westwing

    "Too easily overlooked: Payment systems are part of the user experience!"

    Dr. Dr. Florian Drabeck
    CFO (Group)

Working Capital

handelsbank financing solutions

Sufficient liquidity by means of individual financial solutions customised to your needs should be part of every sound strategic corporate planning.

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Payment transactions

Payment transactions deutsche handelsbank

Payment transactions are more than just banking. Payment transactions essentially determine the liquidity of a company. Therefore, this issue should be prioritised accordingly.

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Deutsche Handelsbank Service

Our team understands the needs eCommerce and trade imply, providing qualified solutions relating to finance, payment transactions, and banking standards.

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