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These selected brands trust us as a strong partner:


A different approach: Banking 3.0

"We invest in companies with a unique vision. Collaborating with Handelsbank proves that this also exists in the banking business."


Dr. Christoph Braun

Managing Director Acton Capital Partners


Growth without side-effects

"We are continuously growing and without major seasonal fluctuations. At the same time, we are able to finance the storage warehouse with our bank."


Marco Hierling

Managing Director

Logo foodspring


foodspring is the healthy functional nutrition brand from Germany. With an international team consisting of 80 employees and a large development department, the Berlin-based company is Germany’s fastest-growing food startup.

The young company was founded in 2013 by Tobias Schüle and Philipp Schrempp under the umbrella of ECONA AG and is now active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, England, Hong Kong and China.

Logo Holtzbrinck Ventures


Individual solutions with vision: Financing

"It is not enough to set up an overdraft facility because the founders have been bank customers for years and act as a guarantor. Handelsbank however recognises the potential of a company."

Sven Achter

General Partner Holtzbrinck Ventures



The green light is always on: Availability

"Decisions to purchase furniture are mainly influenced by delivery times. The appropriate financing allows us to keep top-selling articles in stock and, thus, increases our sales."

Marc Appelhoff & Christoph Cordes

Managing Directors Home24

Logo Kochhaus


Kochhaus is the first grocery store to consistently focus on cooking at home. The store isn’t sorted according to product groups, but rather by recipes.

Customers can choose between 18 different alternating dishes that are divided into starters, main courses and desserts. Matching drinks and accessories are also offered.

Kochhaus sees itself as a place that focuses on enjoyment and inspiration, and it aims to appeal to both beginners and ambitious amateur chefs alike.


Speaking the same language: Web 3.0

"No need for long-winded explanations of our core products. We can straight dive into looking for working capital solutions with our bank."


Dr. Max von Hilgers & 
Dr. Philipp von Hilgers

Managing Directors


Constantly in focus: Working Capital

"We are enhancing our market leader position by continuous growth. Sufficient working capital is the key to success."

Dirk Graber 

Managing Director Mister Spex

Logo navabi


Navabi is the world’s leading online retailer for premium plus-size fashion and offers a comprehensive selection of over 100 brands.

The company is headquartered in Aachen and has had an office in London since 2014. It was founded by friends and business partners Zahir Dehnadi and Bahman Nedaei in 2009.


Promote growth: Diversity

"With our bank, we are able to also expand our range of services in times of strong growth."

Anna Alex & Julia Bönsch

Managing Directors Outfittery


What growth stories need: Support

"Once a certain stage has been reached, high-growth companies need assistence in financing. Traditional banks cannot keep up here."

Christian Buchenau

Managing Director Paua Ventures


The perfect complement: Loan capital

"In addition to the investor´s equity, a number of our portfolio companies receive smart loan capital from Handelsbank in the combination with expertise and experience."

Dr. Jochen Gutbrod

CEO RI Digital Ventures


Ensuring success: Liquidity

"Our enormous groth is also the result of the fact that we can promptly pay our vendors. Of course, this can only be done with sufficient liquidity."

Lawrence Leuschner

Managing Director reBuy


When it really matters: Know-how

"We promise our users a deeper understanding and better preparation. There is nothing we need to explain to our bank in terms of e-commerce."

Stephan Bayer & Colin Schlüter

Managing Directors


More added value for partners: Entrepreneurship

"At Venture Stars, we are thoroughbred entrepreneurs. This attitude is not only expected from our holdings, but also from a bank."

Stefan Pfannmöller

Managing Director Venture Stars


Relevant for conversion rates2: Payment systems

"For us, the user experience is the key to success. That includes the processing of payments. We have finally found the right partner for that."

Dr. Dr. Florian Drabeck

CFO (Group)