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Daniel Kreis, CEO Deutsche Handelsbank, at Paris Fintech Forum 2019
19. February 2019, Fintech Finance

At the Paris Fintech Forum (Alteir Event) Daniel Kreis (CEO Deutsche Handelsbank) talks to Fintech Finance about how Deutsche Handelsbank supports Startups and Growth Companies.

Listen to the complete interview here.

The Start-up-Bank of the Reimann family is looking for capital
15. October 2018, Handelsblatt

Deutsche Handelsbank finances young companies in the online sector. Now the bank wants to expand – and needs a capital injection. read more

Founders should only select banks that can value digital business models
12. September 2018,

In order to be able to realize the existing potential of their own company and to remain competitive in an international comparison, founders and managers need to further professionalize their financing strategy, especially in the growth phase - says Daniel Kreis, CEO of the Deutsche Handelsbank, which specializes in growth companies. read more

Business loans from Deutsche Handelsbank
26. July 2018,

Daniel Kreis, CEO of Deutsche Handelsbank, presents Deutsche Handelsbank to Peter Fricke and Joel Kaczmarek at Digital Kompakt and speaks in the podcast series "Road to IPO" about the origins of the bank and the financing of digital growth companies. 

Listen to the complete podcast here.

18. May 2018, Börsen-Zeitung

Some ideas are so simple that you wonder why you didn't think of them yourself, or why somebody else didn't. At any rate, Daniel Kreis, CEO of Deutsche Handelsbank, had a flash of inspiration when he developed the institution, which was initially primarily active in payment transactions, as a lender of capital for young companies from the e-commerce sector. read more

Simply take up debt capital instead of venture capital
07. February 2018, German start-ups

It doesn’t always have to be venture capital or venture debt – in an interview with Alexander Hüsing, editor-in-chief of Deutsche Startups, Daniel Kreis describes the benefits of financing with the Deutsche Handelsbank: “We can gauge pretty quickly whether a business model will work, and we know how important it is, particularly in e-commerce, to become number one or two in the market. We know the challenges young businesses face; we see ourselves as a promoter of entrepreneurship and want to play our part in establishing this ‘new mid-market’.” read more

Wachstum auf Kredit
26. October 2017, VentureCapital Magazin

Das Wagniskapitalangebot für Start-ups hat sich in den letzten Jahren deutlich verbessert, doch Eigenkapital ist nach wie vor knapp und teuer. Wenn in späteren Wachstumsphasen der Finanzierungsbedarf steigt, kommen zunehmend spezialisierte Anbieter von Fremdkapital ins Spiel. Weiterlesen

Schnellboot auf der Flucht
01. August 2017, Handelsblatt

Die Deutsche Handelsbank gehört einer der reichsten deutschen Familien. Ihr Chef hat im Geschäft mit Onlinehändlern seine Nische gefunden. Doch die große Konkurrenz wird langsam aufmerksam. Weiterlesen

Der Zweck heiligt die (Finanz-) Mittel
17. July 2017, e-commerce-magazin

Stark wachsende Lagerbestände und steigende Forderungsvolumina knabbern in der Anfangsphase bei jungen E-Commerce-Gründern und Start-ups an der Liquidität. Verschiedene Finanzierungsmodelle schaffen Spielraum. Weiterlesen

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