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Deutsche Handelsbank cooperates with the following innovative partners.

Deutsche Börse Cash Market

Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Deutsche Handelsbank is now partner of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network, which suppports and promotes innovative start-ups and growth companies.

Deutsche Börse AG founded the Deutsche Börse Venture Network in June 2015, in order to bring together high-growth start-ups with potential investors. The Venture Network provides its expertise to early, growth and late stage companiesm in order to facilitate access to (growth) capital and support innovation.

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iDEAL is a successful direct transfer system from the Netherlands and cooperates with Deutsche Handelsbank in the field of cross-border transactions.

iDEAL is one of the TOP 10 of the most successful and best-known brands in the Netherlands.

Since the introduction in 2005, more than 500 million online payments with iDEAL were made. Here are the facts: it has been shown in the Netherlands that anyone who wants to become really successfuk in e-commerce should rely on iDEAL.

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FEXCO is one of the leading providers of financial transactions and cooperates with Deutsche Handelsbank in the field of cross-border transactions.

Benefit from the advantages that we offer you in international business with your Deutsche Handelsbank account. Simply enter your order through your online banking. You will receive an order confirmation about your transaction as well as about the execution of your transfer to the recipient account.

Headquartered in Kerry, Ireland, FEXCO has been a leader in transactional processing for more than 30 years. The FEXCO Corporate Payments (FCP) enables Deutsche Handelsbank to offer its business customers high-performance solutions for cross-border payments.

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At the Vienna-based fintech Cashpresso, German and Austrian customers receive an overdraft facility of up to 1,500 EUR via their smartphone. Deutsche Handelsbank is the official bank partner in arranging loans.

Cashpresso is the successful brand of the Vienna-based fintech start-up Credi2 GmbH, which was established in 2015. Customers receive a cashpresso account for each loaned credit line with which the loan can be managed independently. cashpresso allows customers to pay the amount to any bank account, but also offers flexible installment payments in online shops. The entire process is dealt with completely online and makes it possible to pay out the credit facility within 10 minutes. Cashpresso is available for German and Austrian nationals.

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Reimann Investors

Reimann Investors

Preserving and increasing assets in the long term: that is the goal of the members of the Reimann family of entrepreneurs, who have a long tradition. They are supported in this goal by Reimann Investors.

Reimann Investors is the family office of members of the Reimann family of entrepreneurs who divested themselves of their stake in the former family business at the end of the 1990s.

Since 2008, Reimann Investors has been investing in young, innovative and rapidly expanding companies.

Reimann Investors sees itself as a strategically active company with a long-term orientation that accompanies and promotes the development of companies in close collaboration with the management. The focus areas of the investments by the family office are in the fields of e-commerce, digitalisation, fintech and financial services.

Deutsche Handelsbank, which is specialised in digital startups and growth companies, belongs to the portfolio of Reimann Investors.

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